It's an easy way to Sync or Unsync products from WooCommerce to Facebook fan page. These are the steps. You may follow all these steps:

  1. Go to Products menu tab in left side bar. Here you will see all product listing. Please choose products you want to sync or unsync into facebook fan page.
  2. Chosen products click on checkbox.
  3. Click on “Bulk Action” dropdown select box and choose WCtoFB Sync or WCtoFB Unsync.
  4. Click on Apply Button and a massage will be shown is your facebook fan page is updated.

You also can delete the products from your facebook fan page. There are few steps to follow as given below:

  1. Open my products in premium theme.
  2. Now you will find product list here. In the right side of products there is an option of delete. Just click on the given delete button.
  3. You will get notification after using this option,click on the "Yes,delete it". Now product will be delete from your products list.
  4. Product will not be delete from your Wordpress admin ID .It will show as deleted here. If you want to show it again on the facebook fan page,then follow the same process.
  5. Click on the box given in front of the product (Presented with red circle)then “Bulk Action” (Presented with green circle) drop down select box and choose WCtoFB Sync (Presented with pink circle). and then apply.

If there is a problem to Sync/Unsync the products then don't hesitate to submit ticket or you can send an email on